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Prevx 3.0

Reader Reviews: Best & Worst Antivirus Software

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By graphicssoft

Antivirus Software

Name of antivirus software: 

Prevx 3.0

Operating system in use: 

Used on Windows 7 and Windows XP

System performance 


Ability to prevent malware 


Ability to remove malware 


My Review 

I'm the tech support guru for my family. When my husband's Windows XP computer got infected with a nasty fake security malware, we worked for a day and a half trying to get rid of and nothing we tried worked. It just kept coming back when he'd restart. Incidentally, he was running the free version of Avast! at the time he got this malware.

Finally we learned about Prevx and ran the free scanner which said it could clean the infection, but you had to pay. We anted up, and finally, my husband's computer stayed clean!

One of the things I like about Prevx is that it can run alongside another anti-virus product. Most other anti-virus program have to be the only one installed, and in my opinion, none of them are going to be 100% effective, even with regular updates.

Shortly after my husband's experience, I heard from several other family members who became infected with similar fake security malware--first my mother in law, then both my parents computers were infected. (All these computers were running Windows XP and all had other AV products running at the time of infection.) I suggested Prevx for them, and it cleaned their systems of the malware.

I'm not crazy about the Prevx "SafeOnline" product, but the antivirus and anti-malware protection seems to work well. Since purchasing it, neither me or my husband have had any further infections. I run it alongside Avira personal on my computer, and my husband uses it alongside Microsoft Security Essentials.

Another good thing about Prevx is that you can download it with a randomized filename so if your system is already infected, it won't be blocked by malware as a known anti-virus product.

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