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McAfee LiveSafe


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McAfee LiveSafe
McAfee LiveSafe


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If you’re like me, you’re connected online daily via your PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone, and/or tablet. Regardless of what I’m doing, one thing remains constant -- I’m online all the time (usually through multiple devices). A recent survey conducted by McAfee revealed that 60% of consumers worldwide own three or more Internet-enabled devices. Global e-commerce continues to increase as sales are expected to hit $1.25 trillion this year. By 2016, 550 million people will use mobile banking services as compared to 185 million in 2011. Meanwhile, password-stealing Trojans grew 72% and the number of mobile malware was 44 times greater in 2012 than the number found in 2011. This trend contributes significantly to your risk of exposure to online threats.

McAfee and Intel have developed a comprehensive security solution called McAfee LiveSafe. McAfee LiveSafe gives you peace of mind by safeguarding your all of your devices, data, and identity while you stay connected. It delivers an expansive solution to security while providing a user-friendly Web-based dashboard that enables you to oversee security on all of your devices. McAfee LiveSafe includes the following modules:

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