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Free online security courses


Whether you need help understanding Windows or want to know what the difference is between a virus and a Trojan - and why it matters - these free online courses can help.

Windows Basics
Windows Basics is an easy-to-follow two-part course designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of Windows. The first lesson will help you understand what you need to know about files, extensions, and their associated programs. The second and final lesson will provide an overview of the Windows System Registry, truly the central nervous system for Windows and the programs that run under it. Sign up now.

Introduction to Malware
What is a computer virus and how can it impact my system? These are fair questions but unfortunately a great deal of misinformation exists. This multi-lesson tutorial is designed to give you an accurate, broad perspective of malicious code and how to most effectively protect against it. It also clears up common misconceptions about viruses, tells you how to identify hoaxes, and provides an abundance of tips for securing your system for free. Sign up now.

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