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Types of Viruses

From Mary Landesman, your guide to Antivirus Software, resources providing information on the types of viruses as well as the platforms they affect.
  1. Amiga viruses (2)
  2. Blended threats (18)
  3. Linux & Unix Viruses (28)
  4. Linux & Unix viruses (9)
  5. Macintosh viruses (23)
  6. Macro viruses (11)
  7. Wireless threats (16)

Disk Antivirus Professional

What Is a Worm?
New email worms can quickly outpace antivirus signature updates. Follow these tips to prevent the spread of fast moving worms.

RFID Viruses: Real or Imagined?
It reads like something out of a sci-fi novel - RFID chips with the potential to disrupt supply chains and shutdown airport operations. Unfortuntately, this particular tale may be more science than fiction.

What Is a Botnet?
A botnet is a collection of infected computers under the control of one or more attackers.

What Is a Trojan?
A Trojan is a self-contained malicious program that is different from a virus but can have the same kind of effect on your computer.

Boot-Sector Viruses
A boot-sector virus takes control when the computer boots up. Here's how it works.

What Are Autorun Worms?
Autorun worms are a type of malware that spread by taking advantage of the Windows autorun feature. Autorun allows executable files on a drive to be run automatically when that drive is accessed. The feature works via a file named autorun.inf. When a drive is accessed, Windows checks for the presence of autorun.inf and, if found, follows the...

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