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How to Remove the FBI Virus


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Remove the virus from your computer
Malwarebytes -- Remove Selected

Malwarebytes -- Remove Selected

Tommy Armendariz
After the scan is complete, review the results and identify the quarantined infections. Ensure that the removal tool deletes the infections from your computer. If you are using Malwarebytes, from the results dialog box, click on the Remove Selected button to remove all of the infections found.

After the infections are removed, reboot your computer. This time, do not press F8 and allow your computer to boot normally. You will know immediately if the virus has been removed as you will be able to see your desktop rather than the FBI pop-up alert message. If all looks good, launch your Internet browser and make sure you can visit known sites, such as Google, without any issues.

The most common way to become infected with the FBI virus is by visiting infected websites. Emails may contain links to malicious websites. Phishing is the practice of sending spamemail to users with the intention of tricking them into clicking on a link. In this case, you would receive an email enticing you to click on a link that will direct you to an infected website. If you happen to click on these links, you may land on a site that harvests malware such as the FBI virus.

Remember to keep your antivirus software updated and your operating system current. Configure your antivirus software to routinely check for updates. If your antivirus software does not contain the latest signature files, it will be rendered useless against the most current malware threats. Similarly, important system updates provide significant benefits such as improved security. Just as with any antivirus software, not keeping up with operating system updates will make your PC vulnerable to the latest malware threats. In order to prevent threats such as the FBI virus, ensure you use the Automatic Updates feature in Windows and have your computer automatically download Microsoft security updates.

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