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How to Remove the FBI Virus


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Removing the FBI Virus
FBI Virus Alert Message

FBI Virus Alert Message

Tommy Armendariz
The FBI Virus (aka FBI Moneypack scam) is one of the latest malware threats that takes your computer hostage and demands that you pay a $200 fine in order to unlock your computer. The message claims that you have illegally visited or distributed copyrighted content such as videos, music, and software. Consequently, the cyber-criminal demands a payment within 48 to 72 hours in order to lift the ban on your computer. This type of malware is called ransomware and it is used to demand payment from the victim. In return, the scammer “promises” to unlock your computer. However, rather than paying the FBI, the money is taken by the cyber-criminal and the virus is not removed. Don’t be a victim. Perform the following steps to unlock your computer and remove the FBI virus.
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