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Free virus removal tools

Free virus removal tools offered by various antivirus vendors

HijackThis: How to Get HJT and How to Analyze the Logs

HijackThis is a free tool that produces a snapshot of active items loading on the computer. HijackThis covers the most common auto start entry points so it can be useful in helping to identify malware and targeting it for removal.

Free online scanners: reviews and links

There are many free online scanners available on the market. But how well do they work? AV-Test.org tested 9 of them for detection of in-the-wild viruses. We review 5 that passed.

McAfee AVERT Stinger

Free tool takes the sting out of several newer viruses.

Klez and Bugbear Removal Tool

The McAfee AVERT Stinger seeks out and destroys infections from Klez and BugBear. The download is a simple self-extracting, self-installing file - making it a quick and painless tool for even the most novice users.


Master Boot Record (MBR) protection from Maarten Meijer. A free program to protect against and recover from boot sector viruses.

Advanced DiskScope

A free integrity checker to prevent file modifications.

AnalogX ScriptDefender

Prevents unauthorized scripts such as Visual Basic (VBScript) and Javascript from running.


From Panda, a free utility to remove the KAK worm.

AntiVir Personal Edition

AntiVir Personal Edition, from H+BEDV, runs under Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP and is available free for personal use.


AVG provides a free English version language of their antivirus software for Windows.

BadTrans Disinfection Center

F-Secure provides everything but the kitchen sink to help with BadTrans.b. Includes tool to prevent BadTrans from loading, evaluation software, and removal instructions.

BadTrans removal tool

From Softwin, a free removal tool to extricate the BadTrans.B virus from your system.

BitDefender for Linux

Softwin provides a free version of BitDefender for Linux for on-demand scanning. Includes a signature updating mechanism and quarantine feature.

BitDefender's Free Virus Removal Tools

Softwin, makers of BitDefender, provide an impressive array of free virus removal tools, all laid out on a single page making finding and downloading the right tool a snap.

BitDefender Mobile Protection

Softwin provides free protection for mobile devices: BitDefender for Palm OS and BitDefender for Windows CE.


Thirty-day evaluations and a variety of tools can be downloaded free of charge from F-Secure.


For a quick and easy checkup, this free online scanner by Trend Micro provides on-demand scanning with up-to-date virus definition files. Minimal, fast installation.

Panda ActiveScan

Panda's ActiveScan is fast and easy to use, but unlike Housecall or RAV, you must supply both an email address and geographical location to use the scanner.

McAfee FreeScan

McAfee FreeScan requires formal registration prior to use (name, valid email address, licensing agreement). There are quicker online scanners just as capable that don't require registration: Housecall and RAV.


Trend Micro offers 30-day evaluation software for Windows 9x, NT, and 2000.

Protector Plus 2000

From Proland Software, enterprise edition 30-day evaluation software for Windows NT Server, Workstation and Windows 2000.

Symantec Removal Tools

From CodeRed to Stages. If you have a stubborn virus you can't get rid of, the team of experts at Symantec may have just the (free) tool you are looking for.

Sophos Anti-Virus

Unix, Macintosh, Windows, Notes and NetWare versions are all offered by Sophos for 30-day evaluation.

ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall

Antivirus scanners are only part of the protection picture. To achieve system security requires other tools - most importantly, a solid firewall. The free version of ZoneAlarm provides top notch inbound and outbound protection, making your system invisible to wannabe intruders.
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