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5 Things I Like About McAfee’s LiveSafe


Earlier this year, McAfee and Intel developed a comprehensive security solution called McAfee LiveSafe. McAfee LiveSafe gives you peace of mind by safeguarding all of your devices, data, and identity while you stay connected. It delivers an expansive solution to security while providing a user-friendly Web-based dashboard that enables you to oversee security on all of your devices. I have been using this feature-rich antimalware application for the past several months. Here are the five things I like about McAfee’s LiveSafe:


1. Cross-device Protection

Photo © McAfee

After using LiveSafe for several weeks, it was difficult for me to determine what I liked most about this product. Cross-device protection has to be LiveSafe’s strongest attribute. You get one solution with unlimited protection for all devices you own. That means you can protect your PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets with this single security solution. Furthermore, you can manage and monitor all your devices from one place. What got me excited about this feature is that LiveSafe automatically scanned my network for nodes that didn’t have LiveSafe installed. It found one of my laptops and asked if I wanted to open the network map to further analyze devices on my network and fix any security issues on devices running McAfee. Now that’s sweet!

2. Complete Antimalware Protection

Photo © Jessica Kremer

Of course, this feature is important and probably should have ranked #1. However, I expected for McAfee to produce a solid antimalware solution and this product doesn’t disappoint. McAfee calls it “complete antivirus protection,” but I like to call it “complete antimalware protection” because it not only protects your devices from viruses, it protects from all kinds of malware, including Trojan horses, worms, spyware, etc. Normally you would need an antivirus application to protect you from viruses and another security application to protect your device while you web surf. With LiveSafe, there’s no need for multiple applications because this security suite truly does it all for you. You can keep your children safe online by configuring parental controls. Furthermore, you can safely web surf and be warned of harmful links before you click on them (which brings me to my next favorite feature).

Have you heard of Drive-by Downloads and Black Hat SEO Poisoning? Drive-by Downloads are malicious attacks that occur when you visit a compromised website or open an infected HTML email message. Black Hat SEO Poisoning is a technique used by cybercriminals to trick search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, into ranking a malicious website high in the search engine results page. LiveSafe protects you from these threats by marking safe links with a green checkmark icon next to links it considers safe. LiveSafe even inspects links while you’re logged into your favorite social networking sites. For example, while I was logged on Facebook, LiveSafe identified an external link posted by NFL Network as a safe link. It also flagged others as either unsafe or uncertain. This is extremely helpful and assists me in making informed decisions prior to clicking on any links.

3. Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security
Photo © McAfee

I can write a separate article explaining all the features included with McAfee LiveSafe’s mobile security (and I probably will). First, McAfee LiveSafe made things easy for me to install LiveSafe on my phone during the initial PC installation. While LiveSafe was being installed on my PC, it recognized my Android device and sent a notification to my phone for installation. I simply clicked on the notification and it directed me to Google Play and I proceeded with the download. To test the app, I configured my smartphone with minimal security features. Once installed on my Android device, I quickly received 5 notifications from McAfee. One of the notifications alerted me that my screen lock wasn’t enabled. Another notification asked that I enable GPS to help pinpoint my device location in case it is stolen or lost.

4. McAfee Safekey

McAfee SafeKey
Photo © Jessica Kremer
Keeping track of your usernames and passwords for every single login can be overwhelming. McAfee Safekey makes life much easier by providing a password manager for all your online accounts. By using one master login, Safekey auto-populates passwords to your favorite sites. You can also sync new usernames and passwords across all your devices.

5. Personal Locker -- Secure Storage

Photo © Jessica Kremer

Last, but definitely not least, McAfee LiveSafe provides you with online storage for your sensitive documents. How does this differ from free services such as Dropbox and Google Drive? McAfee Personal Locker encrypts your sensitive files and protects your digital life with biometric technology that integrates cutting-edge facial and voice recognition as part of a cloud based “safety deposit box.” With 1GB of encrypted storage, you can comfortably store highly sensitive material such as financial records, copies of IDs, passports, etc. Your personal locker is accessible for up to 3 months after subscription (or services) expires.

There are many more features I didn’t mention here, such as McAfee Anti-Spam. I will dive into these features in more detail in a future article. For now, you can take my word for it….this is one powerful security solution suite.
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