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G Data InternetSecurity 2010

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The Bottom Line

If all you're concerned about in security suite is signature detection, then G Data SecuritySuite 2010 is a safe bet. Combining two engines (AVAST and BitDefender), G Data SecuritySuite 2010 has achieved some of the highest detection rates on independent tests performed by AV-Test.org. However, the suite does have a larger overall footprint than and consumes more system resources than some of its competitors. Those with slightly older hardware may find this problematic. Pricing is attractive - G Data SecuritySuite 2010 is one of the cheapest, at $29.95 for one PC or $39.95 for up to three.


  • Uses two antivirus engines for improved malware detection
  • Low false positive rate


  • Full system scanning is slow
  • Lacks a unified interface


  • Dual scanning from two antivirus engines improves detection odds
  • Bootable rescue CD included with purchase
  • Pricing is attractive for a suite, at $29.95 for one PC or $39.95 for three PCs.

Guide Review - G Data InternetSecurity 2010

G Data SecuritySuite 2010 uses two antivirus engines, AVAST and BitDefender. Standalone, both engines offer good detection and when combined each picks up where the other might let off. In theory, this could translate into faster signature releases (G Data offers hourly updates) and overall improved heuristics.

Historically, G Data has consistently had top detection rates on independent tests from AV-Test.org. However, test results in a zoo environment may not reflect actual performance against in-the-wild threats via the Web. Even the best signature detection technologies are struggling to keep up with the volume of today's threats - tens of thousands of new malware variants each day. Thus, additional security features become increasingly important to narrow the gap in protection.

For Web-specific protection, the G Data WebFilter installs a browser toolbar designed to block pop ups and other active content from websites. Because it's a toolbar, the functionality can change (or be broken) when updating an existing browsers or if switching to a new one. Overall, the feature is inferior to the virtualization and reputation systems offered by competing security suites.

The firewall is adequate, as are email and IM controls, though none of these features distinguish themselves in any way.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
G data is a terrible company to deal with., Member downtime132

I like the antivirus, configurable, etc. The problem is the tech support. I purchased 6 licenses, 2 of three pc's each. It works on the machines it was activated on, but the other 4 licenses give an Invalid Access Data error. I have been in touch with tech support many times, it's useless. This has been ongoing since December of 2009, it's now February 2010. I have another client with the exact same problem. The ""tech support"" has been going on for two months now without any effect. I would not recommend purchasing anything from this company. It's mystifying that a company that talks about Phishers and Scammers on their site would be content to have themselves viewed in the same light.

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