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Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac

Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac

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Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac supports Mac OS X version 10.4.10 or higher. At approximately $50USD for a single user license, Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive antivirus software for Mac users. For Mac users seeking the most complete protection against the inadvertent transmission of Windows-based malware, Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac is an excellent choice. But for Mac users most interested in defending against threats targeted specifically at the Mac, Intego VirusBarrier may be the best option.

Uninspired Windows Focus

Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac includes the basics: realtime, on-demand and email scanning. Also included is signature-based vulnerability scanning to help guard against known security exploits. OS X 10.5 users will also get the Norton Dashboard Widget, a threat level alerting widget that has little use to Mac users given that the listed threats all targeted Windows.

Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac seems uninspired at best. It's not that one expects antivirus protection to be sexy, but Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac seems to be more geared to protecting downstream users from Windows malware passing through a Mac computer, rather than protecting Mac users.

Symantec bills Norton Antivirus for Mac as "The #1 selling antivirus solution for the Mac". But as the fine print reveals, that's number one based on "NPD Group's retail Top-Selling Business Software list". Aren't 'retail' and 'business software' somewhat mutually exclusive?

Bottom line: Norton Antivirus 11.0 for Mac is an adequate solution for universities and other mixed use environments where the containment of Windows-based malware is the focus. However, those interested in protecting their Macs would do well to consider Intego VirusBarrier instead.

User Reviews

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"".SymAVx86QSFile"" Error, Member gwmuller

Norton Antivirus for Mac worked efficiently and faultlessly on both my Macs over a wireless local area network. Both Macs are on MobileMe and iDisk. Recently I installed OS 10.6; Snow Leopard. Soon after this I kept getting iDisk sync conflict that "".SymAVx86QSFile"" was modified in both location. This happens at frequent intervals. Norton email support provided me with a case number and a link to uninstall their application and suggested that I reinstalled it from the original Disc. I tried this twice without avail. Norton support asked me to go to their ""chat"" support link. The link they provided after a long wait was eventually answered by someone in India. Even though I had provided them with a case number I was required to describe the problem in detail again. Eventually I was told that they only handled Window problems and transferred me to the MAC queue. Another long wait. With remote access to my Mac the technician followed exactly the same procedure of uninstalling and reinstalling the application. The results were the same as mine. The error persisted. I called again, having to wait in the Windows queue for ever and then was transferred to the Mac queue again. Another tech took control. However, after 4 hours the problem was still not solved. I have uninstalled Norton Antivirus and am looking at other manufacturers.

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