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Antivirus Glossary of Terms

Virus terms and definitions can sometimes be confusing. Use the antivirus glossary to learn what the various malicious code terms really mean.

What's an Amplified DDoS Attack?
The purpose of a DDoS (distributed denial-of service) attack is to disrupt the activity of a service by flooding the servers with so much junk traffic that they run out of resources to process it.

Deep Web
Deep Web

What is Antivirus Software?
Many products claim to detect and remove malware. But what is antivirus software and is it really necessary?

Adobe Flash Cookies
Adobe Flash cookies work through the ubiquitous Adobe Flash and enables any of Adobe's partners to set global cookies that are maintained on Adobe's servers instead of your own computer. The offsite storage means you really aren't deleting cookies when you clear your local cache.

What is Malvertising?
Malvertising is malicious advertising that contains active scripts designed to download malware or force unwanted content onto your computer. Here's how to block it.


Spamdexing: Antivirus Glossary
Spamdexing is a method used to inflate the search engine rankings of a particular page, generally for malicious or unethical purposes.






Email attachments are a common form on infection. Find out what threat these Internet worms pose, disguised as innocent attachments.


Behavior Blocking

Stealth Virus

Boot Sector Virus


Buffer Overrun




False Negative

Remote Access Trojan (RAT)
RATs, or Remote Access Trojans, provide a "backdoor" into the system through which the unscrupulous hacker can snoop into your system - even running other malicious code if s/he chooses.

False Positive

Portable Executable (PE_EXE)

Is it Anti Virus or Antivirus Software?
Though nearly all reputable scanning vendors spell it antivirus, there's no real consensus on the proper name. Some users (and vendors) may spell...

File Virus






Host Intrusion Prevention Software (HIPS)

Macro Virus

In-the-Wild (ITW)

Macintosh Virus

Integrity Checker

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