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Email banking scams - Antivirus Software - About.com
Emails falsely claiming to be from the likes of Citibank, NatWest, and other reputable banking entities attempt to entice recipients into divulging their ATM/ Debit ...
Citibank phishing and email scams - Antivirus Software - About.com
Following are other examples of phishing email that target Citibank customers, attempting to trick them into divulging their critical financial and personal identity  ...
Phishing scams - Antivirus Software - About.com
Many of these phishing email appear to be quite legitimate. Don't be a victim. Look over the following examples of phishing scams to familiarize yourself with the ...
The Top 10 Internet/Email Scams, 2014 - About Internet for Beginners
The 10 nastiest Internet scams and con games of 2014. ... Most of you have received an email from a member of a Nigerian family with wealth. It is a desperate ...
Unemployment Email Scams - Job Searching - About.com
Unemployment email scams involve scammers who send email messages attempting to get unemployment debit card information or personal information from ...
Email Job Scams - Job Searching - About.com
How can you tell if an email message regarding a job is a scam? It can be hard to differentiate between scams and legitimate employment related email ...
Sample Lawyer Email Scams - Examples of Nigerian ... - About.com
The following is a short collection of some of the "Nigerian Scam" emails being sent to lawyers around the country. While this may appear to be an obvious scam  ...
How the Nigerian Email Scam Is Used on Lawyers - About.com
Email scams are a constant problem, and attorneys are not immune from the risk of being conned. Some of the biggest law firms in the country have been ...
Top 10 Internet Job Scam Warning Signs - Job Searching - About.com
Job scam emails usually don't include clear job descriptions, either. Many of my readers say that when they ask for a job description or list of job duties, they get ...
Internet Job Scams - Top Internet Job Search Job Scams - About.com
If you've gotten a job scam email, please include as much information as you can -- such as the name of the company or contact name and the date of the email.
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