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Mac.Simpson Virus
Viral Entertainment?
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A mass mailing email worm targeting Macintosh computers directs the infected user's browser to an online archive of the popular U.S. television show, "The Simpsons".

The worm is received in an email message which reads:

Hundreds of Simpsons episodes were just secretly produced and sent out on the internet, if this message gets to you, the episodes are enclosed on the attachment program, which will only run on a Macintosh. You must have system 9.0 or 9.1 to watch the hilarious episodes, in high quality. Just download and open it. From, -- To get random signatures put text files into a folder called "Random Signatures" into your Preferences folder.

Attached is an AppleScript file named Simpsons Episodes. On MacOS 9.0 or above, if the attachment is opened, the worm installs itself in the Startup Items folder, directs the browser to http://www.snpp.com/episodeguide.html (a legitimate site offering archives of various Simpson shows and memorabilia), and then mass mails itself to addresses contained in the Outlook Express and Entourage mail clients.

Mac.Simpson can be removed from the system by rebooting your system with the extensions turned off and deleting the Simpsons Episodes file from System Folder | Startup Items. MacInTouch provides a log of the worm's initial discovery and follow-up commentary from readers, along with additional advice for manually removing the worm from the system.

According to F-Secure the Mac.Simpson worm impacts Macintosh users only. Though Windows and Linux users might receive the worm via email, it will be unable to do anything on those systems.

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