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Aliases: Creeping Death

According to reports from F-Secure, Die_Hard exhibits the following characteristics:

Type: Memory-resident, stealth COM/EXE file infector
Systems Affected: IBM-compatible PC's
Payload: Changes directory entries
ITW: Yes
Origin: India
Description:Dir-II is a full stealth virus that changes direcotry entries. Removal is best accomplished with antivirus software. However, F-Secure does provide removal instructions for those who wish to remove the virus manually. DIR-II can be disinfected by renaming all executables to non-executable extensions while the virus is active, then booting clean and renaming them back. After this, run chkdsk.
What to look for:
How to prevent it: Scan all files before introducing them to your computer. Do not share files with friends or download software from untrustworthy sources. See Tips for Safety for details on this and other preventative measures.

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