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Install BitDefender


There are a few quirks during the BitDefender installation, but the overall product is well worth it. Follow the steps below to install BitDefender and have your system protected in just a few short minutes.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5

Here's How:

  1. BitDefender installs an application firewall and IP filtering mechanism. This cannot be disabled during installation. If you prefer to use another firewall, first uninstall it. Then install BitDefender and disable the firewall feature within it. Then reinstall your preferred firewall protection.
  2. Close any applications you have open. Locate and run the BitDefender install file, i.e. kit_professional7.exe. At the installation Welcome screen, click Next to begin the install.
  3. The software licensing screen (EULA) will appear. Read through the terms, click "I accept" and then click Next to continue with the installation.
  4. The Setup Type screen will appear. Select Typical and click Next.
  5. The installation confirmation screen appears. Select View Readme File. Click Next.
  6. The Real Time Virus Reporting dialog appears. This dialog allows BitDefender to track emerging threats and compile infection statistics. No user information is collected. Select your country of origin from the drop down list and click OK. If you do not wish to participate in RTVR, remove the check from Enable Real Time Virus Reporting and click OK.
  7. This is where quirky begins. You will likely receive two simultaneous prompts. One asking for online registration, the second notifying you that installation is complete and the system needs to be rebooted. Drag the reboot dialog out of the way by clicking anywhere on it (EXCEPT the OK/CANCEL buttons), holding the click, and moving the mouse (and thus the dialog) away from the registration screen.
  8. Enter the appropriate registration info. Click Register. If you are not currently connected to the Internet, click Later.
  9. The final dialog will appear, noting that installation is now complete. Click Finish.
  10. Click OK to the reboot dialog previously moved out of the way. The system will be rebooted, completing the installation.

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