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IOBit Steals Malwarebytes' Intellectual Property

By November 3, 2009

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A few days ago, I received an email advertising the China-based IOBit anti-malware software. Problem is, the program may be derived entirely from stolen property of other reputable vendors. One of the victim vendors, Malwarebytes, did some intensive investigation - including publishing fake signatures - to prove that IOBit was stealing their malware signature database. The proof is compelling, as explained in this Malwarebytes forum post.

A company that would steal another vendor's database could also likely stoop to other nefarious practices - such as claiming a system is infected just to extort fees for an alleged cleanup tool (aka scareware). That's not to say this is what IOBit is doing, but just to point out that one unethical act typically breeds another.

The IOBit download is featured on download.com and majorgeeks.com, demonstrating that just because a download is featured on a legitimate site, it doesn't mean the download itself is legit. What can you do? Avoid using IOBit for starters. And perhaps act on the request from Malwarebytes "to send an email to hosting services such as Download.com and Majorgeeks.com requesting that all IOBit software be removed".

January 1, 2011 at 12:18 pm
(1) Bear Bottoms says:

It just goes to show how proprietary security vendors horde definitions at our expense. All virus information should be shared freely and made available to anyone in the business-immediately. Of course people trying to make a profit on these databases would object. No vendor has all of them, and each vendor would benefit. Let their interfaces sell their products.

February 20, 2011 at 12:14 pm
(2) Josh says:


You are aware I hope that Malwarebytes, the one making the accusations here, is a free program for non-commercial use. That means You, Me, and Joe Shmoe down the road can download it and use it for free. Google is your friend sir, please avail yourself of its resources from time to time.

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