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Top Cyber Threats for 2014


As we look forward to new and improved technologies in 2014, we must also raise awareness on the new cyber threats that will come with these advancements. McAfee’s 2014 Top Cyber Threats gives us a good indication of what to expect for the New Year.

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CryptoLocker Still a Security Threat

The recent joint operation of law enforcement agencies and private security firms that led to dismantling the Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker botnets may not have scared off the cybercriminals completely, as new variants of the crypto malware have emerged, creating new networks of infected computers.

97% of Global 2000 External Servers Still Vulnerable After Heartbleed

According to a research from security solutions developer Venafi, 97 percent of the Global 2000 organizations’ externally facing servers continue to be vulnerable to cyber attacks due to incomplete Heartbleed remediation.

Bootleg Version of Card Recon Used by Cybercriminals

Bootleg versions of a powerful tool called "Card Recon" from Ground Labs, which searches for payment card data stored in the nooks and crannies of networks, have been appropriated by cybercriminals.

Android SMS Worm: Selfmite

AdaptiveMobile researchers reported finding a piece of Android malware known as Selfmite that spreads like a worm by sending out SMS messages to infected users’ contacts.

What's an Amplified DDoS Attack?

The purpose of a DDoS (distributed denial-of service) attack is to disrupt the activity of a service by flooding the servers with so much junk traffic that they run out of resources to process it.

Controlling Malware from the Cloud

Researchers at Trend Micro released a blog post detailing the company’s findings regarding botnets and malware being hosted and controlled through cloud servers.

TrueCrypt Not Dead

On Wednesday, May 28th, TrueCrypt users were wondering why the anonymous developers of TrueCrypt suddenly kill the project and recommended a Microsoft encryption tool, BitLocker, instead. TrueCrypt was an open source software program that enabled you to encrypt your computer files using keys that were protected by a separate TrueCrypt passphrase.

How to Keep Your Digital Life Safe

Hackers are becoming more of a threat than ever before. Within the past few months, we’ve seen big corporations such as Microsoft and eBay become victims of security breaches. With cybercrimes on the rise, this is a good time to strengthen your online security practices. Here are some tips that may help secure your digital life from cyber breaches and attacks.

Half of Anti-Virus Apps Fail to Block Zero-Day Malware

Lastline Labs, a cybersecurity research team (Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel, and Giovanni Vigna), conducted a research on Anti-virus technology and how they handle the latest malware threats.

Be Cautious How You Change Your Apple ID Password

Symantec has released an advisory to Apple device owners to “keep an eye out for emails attempting to phish for Apple ID login credentials,” showing various examples of how cybercriminals attempt to trick users into handing over their passwords.

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